January 2004
The Official Bigfoot Newsletter
Volume 01, Issue 17

Bigfoot Call Manager - Conferencing Redefined

Conference calling has brought significant changes in today’s global business arena. With this new technology, communication between clients, customers and colleagues has become more accessible albeit time and location. Business decisions are made more quickly and efficiently.

This month, Bigfoot launched the Call Manager. It is is a downloadable desktop application that allows users to make dial-out conference call without a web browser. It lets people communicate and decide in the easiest and most practical way. Whether you're calling one party or holding a multi-party conference call, you only get fast and reliable conference call service. Simply download Bigfoot Call Manager for free and you can start doing online meetings directly from your desktop.

The Call Manager offers the following features: Two-way Calling, Quick Call, Quick Conference, Phonebook Directory and Call Logs. It is also equipped with the ViewMyScreen feature, which allows the conference call host to show any PowerPoint or graph presentation to online participants. This enables the party to fully appreciate the discussion and make effective decisions.

Get to know more about Bigfoot Call Manager and experience the future of teleconferencing straight from your desktop.

    Ask James and Heather
Question of the Month

What is POP/IMAP Access?

James: If you’re using multiple computers to access your e-mails, you will find the POP/IMAP Access feature an invaluable tool. The Post Office Protocol/ Internet Message Access Protocol or POP/IMAP Access feature lets you access your new incoming messages on the Bigfoot mail server from a variety of different client platforms. It allows you to periodically invoke your mail "client" program such as Outlook or Outlook Express to connect to the Bigfoot server and download all your pending mail right into your own PC.

Heather: Typically you pick up your e-mail by coming to a web site with your browser, but if you'd prefer to receive it through Outlook or other POP-access e-mail clients, the POP/IMAP Access option lets you do just that, and is great for storing your e-mails offline.

Bigfoot Email Tools offers the POP/IMAP Access feature for free to all Premium and Ultra subscribers and is an optional feature to Basic subscribers.

If you have any questions about our products and services, ask us at jamesandheather@bigfoot.com and we'll answer them in the next issues.

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Anti-SPAM Update

Crisis Over Spam

The year 2003 brought along significant changing events to the world, politically and economically. For the electronic business community, the escalating problem over spam or unsolicited e-mail caused major injury to companies worldwide. It was reported that for last year, companies lost a lot of money in operations due to spam. At the end of 2003, nearly two out of every three messages sent worldwide were being tagged as unwanted advertisement. Based on statistics made by an e-mail filtering company, about 62.7% of all e-mails sent during December were spam while in November, figures only amounted to about 55.1%.

Various legislative measures have been introduced in the U.S. and Europe in order to curb the problem. However, this doesn’t fully resolve the crisis, as other countries have yet to implement their own laws against spam. As users, the best we can do to immediately combat or curb spam is to constantly update ourselves in the latest anti-spam technology.

Bigfoot Anti-Spam Solution is one that offers such technology. Powered by SpamChaser, Bigfoot Anti-Spam consists of functionalities capable of fighting even the most sophisticated spam. It takes on a highly advanced multi-level approach that is capable of learning new strains of spam and training itself to recognize them. With technologies such as this and consistent support for anti-spam legislation, users can look forward to a better and safer year ahead for e-business and the community as a whole.

Product Update

All New Bigfoot Directories Website Launched

Last January 8, Bigfoot officially launched its new and improved Directories website. The new site offers its users easier navigation, relevant and up-to-date e-mail searches and diverse directory search options. With new Bigfoot Directories you can find contacts and businesses, search for your friend's e-mail, check the best vacation deals, look for the best career opportunities and find anything and everything on the web.

Accompanying this diverse search options is MyDirectories, a personalized page that gives Bigfoot subscribers total control over their directory listing as well as directory searches. Bigfoot subscribers can now manage their own profile and have full control over how their listings will be viewed by other directory users. Subscribers are given the choice to set their privacy options to either private, screened or public, allowing them to either reveal their full information to directory users or hide their listing altogether. In addition, Bigfoot subscribers can also make use of the Search History feature which allows them to conveniently view and save their most recent contact searches.

The new Directories site certainly has much more to offer. Bigfoot subscribers and other directory users are assured of a host of wide-ranging, convenient search services. Visit the site now and find everything you need in Bigfoot Directories.

Two Thumbs Up for Bigfoot SMS

Bigfoot Messaging starts the year with a ‘big bang’ as it formally introduces two new products to SMS users -- Bigfoot Prepaid Text Cards and SMS Manager 2.0:

Bigfoot Prepaid Text Cards

Enjoy sending as many text messages as you want and not worry about monthly credit card bills and on line payments with Bigfoot’s new Prepaid Text Cards. Bigfoot Prepaid Text Cards offers you hassle-free text messaging to any major place in the world with its low international rates. It allows you to save more money and take control over your SMS expenses. Initially available in Hong Kong, Prepaid Text Cards are convenient and easy to use with its step-by-step instructions written at the back of each text card. Just follow the instructions and you’re able to send out messages immediately.

Bigfoot Prepaid Text Card is available in HK$50 and HK$100 denominations, in all leading convenience stores and retail outlets in Hong Kong.

SMS Manager 2.0

Sending those text messages wouldn’t be complete without getting a response, would it? Now, experience the wholeness of 2-way messaging in the new SMS Manager 2.0. By downloading this software application, you can start sending and receiving text messages from your PC to any mobile phone worldwide in just one mouse click.

The SMS Manager 2.0 is your complete and expedient way to communicate instantly. Apart from 2-way SMS, it offers new features such as: SMS template, Low credit balance warning and improve name search. You can now even compose messages in Arabic, Chinese, Korean and German languages. SMS Manager 2.0 still supports original features like: Speed Send, SMS Blast, Message History and Multilingual Interface among others.

Download SMS Manager 2.0 now, and experience convenient 2-way messaging straight from your desktop.

Coming Soon

Starting the New Year Right

Bigfoot will be translating its homepage to Simplified Chinese and German to meet the needs of it’s growing subscriber base. The project is just one of many to follow, aimed at further improving the Bigfoot website.

The Bigfoot Team has already started the initial tasks of language translation and migration to java. The process is intended to give Bigfoot developers the ability to easily change or edit the language from English to German to Simplified Chinese or to any language for that matter, as well as make certain improvements to the site.

The project is set to launch within the first quarter of this year in conjunction with the launch of Bigfoot’s new dynamic site.

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